High Gloss White Tiles



Blank Ceramic Sublimation tiles 4 x 4" - 6 x 6"- 8 x 8" or 8 x 10" Can be printed on singular  or made into fantastic Murals, you can pick the size of the Murals depending on how many tiles you want, we print all tiles separately and match them to make a finished Mural.  Please note that a frame is not included but once you receive the tiles you can easily obtain a frame from a frame maker. If you require any help please contact us.

code          High white Gloss White Tile  Price
3134 High Gloss White Tile   4 x 4 ins  Price Per Tile 5.00
3117 High Gloss White Tile   6 x 6 ins  Price Per Tile 6.00
3115 High Gloss White Tile   8 x 10 ins  Price Per Tile 9.99
3116 High Gloss White Tile   8 x 8 ins  Price Per Tile 7.50